Parenting Doesn't End With Adoption, In Fact, It Is Just Begining

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mom's Are Worth A Million!!!

MotherWoman is an organization that has designed and implemented an amazing support group model for mother's, as well as revolutionized the world's view on Post-Partum Depression or what they call Perinatal Emotional Complications. MotherWoman has grown from a local, to national, to internationally recognized organization, for their work with mother's, their model, and their trainings on Perinatal Emotional Complications.

 I am an attendee as well as a facilitator of this amazing support group for mothers. I am currently working with the directors on developing a support group for Adoptive and Birth mothers. I'm sure there's many of you out there that would believe that even Adoptive mothers experience Post-Partum Emotional Complications, just like the Birth mother. It's my new mission to create an environment for  members of the triad to get together and grow in this safe, caring, understanding space, that only MotherWoman could create.

MotherWoman has kicked off their "Moms Are Worth A Million!" Campaign for Mother's Day. I was honored to be a part of the video they created to promote this campaign. Please check me, my babies and three other amazingly strong mother's share some of our stories in this moving video "Moms Are Worth A Million!"

 I hope you enjoy the video, and you might want to keep a tissue handy! Happy Mother's Day!