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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Waiting..... My Lesson in Patience

    Patience is a virtue I didn't possess as a child or a teenager, and if it weren't for motherhood, I probably still wouldn't have any. Funny how we spend our time as a parent teaching our children, yet in doing so we learn valuable life lessons in the process.

Patience. I hate being patient! I of course don't mind when it comes to my two year old, you know, those times in the grocery store, when he's having a complete meltdown over what kind of fruit snacks you're buying, and everyone is watching you, waiting for you to lose your cool and flip out. Patience is a priority for a parent, and I'm grateful that I have the patience of a saint, during those memorable moments.

I have to admit though, at this point in my life, I'm lacking in the patience department. I've been thinking about everything I have going on in my life right now, and I realized I am waiting for so many things right now, it's crazy! My entire life is on hold waiting for results, decisions and directions from other people, and it's driving me nuts. I hate not having control, it is one of the many things I'm working on in therapy, and this chapter of my life is teaching me that sometimes I have to just let go, let God, and be patient.

Easier said than done. I'm currently waiting for a decision from DCF. My son Tyler, got very ill a few days ago and I am waiting for the results of his blood work, and I'm supposed to be travelling to Washington D.C. on Wednesday to tape a T.V. show and I haven't received any information on my travel arrangements or the show itself. And that's just to name a few items on my waiting list! I'm climbing the walls, checking my email, voicemail, text messages and mailbox every five minutes!

So, the title of this blog is My Lesson on Patience, and here's what I've decided to do. Both children are sleeping, I've made a nice, cup of hot herbal tea, I've lit some candles, and I'm going to curl up with a good book in my bath tub! While I enjoy, what might only be twenty minutes of me time(the baby can wake at any given moment lol) I promised myself I will not think about all my impending problems, but instead get lost in my book and if I do think, it will be only of the great gifts God  has given me since I've turned my life around, and I thank Him for every moment.

Now that I've vented about my waiting game, I'm off to the tub! Good luck to all who share in my constant struggle with the desire for instant gratification! Remember Patience is a Virtue! God Bless!!!

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