Parenting Doesn't End With Adoption, In Fact, It Is Just Begining

Monday, March 19, 2012


Well after my last post, it seems I've given all of you a lesson in patience!

I'm very sorry for the delay in my post, but life has been giving me lemons, so I've been very busy making lemonade. Hopefully it ends soon, because I'm afraid I might run out of sugar! None the less, life will go on, and I have plenty to be joyful for.

So, next to the birth of my son, the second best thing that has happened so far this year is the Department of Children and Families, did not find ANY evidence to support the alligations of neglect of my children. Thank God , they finally understand I have made huge CHANGES in my life and they are for real! Also, on Feb. 1st I flew down to Washington D.C. and sat on a panel for the TV show, Road to Recovery! It was awesome, and it will be airing on June 6th. For your local listing of the show, check out click on TV show and put in your city for your listing. I hope you all can tune in for my television debute!

I have so much I need to share, but I have two little ones DEMANDING my attention. So, I shall return, and in the meantime, please check out my new found favorite person, Josh Shipp. He was left at the hospital as an infant, bounced through 7 foster homes, and finally was adopted. He's now a youth speaker and TV host, of Jump Shipp on Halogen network. Check him out at or on facebook, or youtube. I think he has an amazing story of adoption through foster care, it's great to see successful people rise out of the system!

I hope everyone out there is doing great, hug your children, and enjoy life!!!

Look for me in the upcoming MotherWoman's Mother's Day video, coming soon at

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  1. Yea!!! I was JUST thinking about you yesterday and praying for a good outcome with DHS. So glad to hear that you are moving past that ordeal.